Hi! I'm Myk.

I'm a Flash Platform consultant. I work in Flash and Flex to bring your interactive ideas to life.

Bring me on to implement a design from scratch or to debug, optimize and deploy existing projects.
I can help you with:

  • AS3-based Flash/Flex development
  • Rich Internet Application architecture
  • Design analysis & implementation
  • Code analysis & optimization
  • Social media & metrics integration
  • Streaming media solutions

I've also got an extensive web monkey toolbox, so I'm happy to support my implementations with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP.

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Hi! I'm Ryan.

I'm a graphic designer. I make things beautiful, legible and logical so your world works at a glance.

Presentation is everything. I can make your interactive media pop, shine and work for you.
Let me zhuzh you up with the following:

  • Expert Photoshop skills
  • Mobile experience design
  • Original illustrations
  • Compliant CSS/HTML
  • Copywriting & editing
  • Serious style

I understand web marketing strategy and I know how to talk to developers. I'll go the extra mile to make sure everything falls in to place.

You can download my PDF portfolio here!

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